International Shipping Issues 19/01/23

Hello everyone!


I hope you’re all keeping well, and you had a lovely festive period.


I know we haven’t done a blog post to welcome you to the new website just yet – it’s coming soon, we just wanted to make sure the launch went as smooth as possible (which thankfully, it seems to have done), and then we’ll get a blog for that out.


However, today’s blog post is to update you on the Royal Mail postal issues – specifically with International orders.


Unfortunately, Royal Mail were subject to a security attack over the last week or so, and during which time, they have asked businesses to not send any international orders. Fantastic timing to launch a new website, right? I know, tell me about it.


It seems like progress has been made, and we’re hoping that we’re going to be able to start shipping the orders very soon – however, naturally it means that if your selected method was “International Tracked and Signed”, your order sadly won’t have been shipped yet, and won’t be able to be shipped until this issue has been resolved. Orders are picked and packed, but sadly we just can’t send them yet. This will be the case for Amazing Defenders orders, as well as any orders placed on the new website. If your selected method was DHL, then there are currently no issues, and no delays are expected.


Rest assured, as soon as we get the go ahead, your orders will be on their way.


I’ll speak to you all very soon in a blog post about the new website – but I’d like to preface that by saying a massive thank you! And I’m sure I’ll thank you all again in the new post, so that’s all you’re getting for now!