- Condition and Authenticity. Sadly, due to print quality and quality control from certain card games, we cannot guarantee that every card will be near mint. However, we can guarantee that they will be from packs that we open ourselves, and then safely and securely stored – that’s why we’d prefer to say the condition of the cards are “Pack Fresh”. This will also be a guarantee that we only sell real, legitimate cards that have come from the manufacturer themselves.

- Orders sent to wrong address. If your order was sent to an incorrect address due to an error made by one of our team, we’ll resend your order at no cost to you. If the order was sent to an incorrect address, we can resend the order once we receive the order back from the incorrect address, and we can resend but at a cost to you.

- Errors on missing cards/items. For any orders that contain incorrect or missing items, we will need to be made aware of any issues within 3 days of you receiving your order. If we have not been made aware of any issues within 3 days of receipt, this will be classed as the order being delivered in full.

- Restriction of goods purchased.  There is no top level rule of thumb for this.  If there are any restrictions – this could be due to a low allocation/giving everyone a fair shot at a certain product - we will mention it in the description of the product. If any orders then do not adhere to these restrictions, they will be cancelled and refunded immediately.

- Declining to Trade – By advertising goods on our website we are not offering goods for sale; we are making an invitation to treat. When you, the customer purchases items through our website, you are making an offer to purchase the goods. It is then up to us if we accept the offer. If we do not wish to accept your offer to purchase the goods, we will write to you as soon as possible and not later than 30 days after the offer is placed to inform you of our decision.

- Pre-Orders. Allocations, sometimes, manufacturers release less of a product than we had been made aware of, or less than we were expecting to receive/expected. As a result, allocations can happen. If this is the case, orders will be processed and shipped in a chronological order based on the date the order was placed. Pre-order items will be shipped the day before release date, or release day itself.

- Also, items can be released in waves by the manufacturer. Sadly we don’t usually find out this information until close to the release date. If this is the case, the wave of release for your order will also be handled in chronological order based on the date the order was placed.


For any queries that you may have with regards to Delivery Information, Returns Policy or Privacy Policy, please refer to the respective pages on the home page.


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