We’ve been in your shoes. We know what it’s like to feel the excitement of that delivery. The mystery of what cards you’re going to get from the booster box. The feeling of brand-new sleeves on your favourite deck. The relief when that binder page is finally complete.


And that’s why we’re here.


Little did we know, the journey to Tier Zero began way back in 2002. A fresh-faced boy opened his first pack of Yugioh cards –  a Japanese pack of Labyrinth of Nightmare. Inside that pack was a “Spirit of Flames” card. Naturally, he couldn’t read Japanese, so made up the effect, and thus his card game obsession was born.

Throughout the years, his love for card games grew and grew, as did his aspirations and ambitions. We have lived it. We’ve travelled the world to play the games we love – and now we’re here to enable you to take your own journey. Whether that be to help you beat your friend on the other side of the tabletop, or the final additions you need before your Championship event, we’re here for you.


Although the aesthetics, offices and personnel may have changed over time, our drive, passion, and commitment to you as our customer has not. We endeavour to offer you the best prices we can, with the latest products and the best customer service we can.


TierZero Games LTD
Company Number: 11077940
VAT Number: 391 9850 51
Address: 505 Horizon House, Baldock, Hertfordshire, SG76NG
Email: Sales@TierZeroGames.com


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